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Signature Required upon Booking

Terms & Conditions:

The Client agrees to a minimum order of $100. The rental items are not reserved for the event date until this signed agreement has been returned with a non-refundable retainer fee equal to 50% of the total booking for the rental items and delivery charges. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the event date. In the event that the Client does not pay the remaining balance, at its election "The Backdrop Shop" may terminate the agreement in writing and retain the non-refundable retainer.

All rental items are for time out and away from the "The Backdrop Shop" warehouse, regardless of whether the items are actually used for the Clients event. No refunds will be given for unused rental items following delivery (such as due to inclement weather on the event day or a last minute decision on the event day to not use the rental items) unless applicable under the cancellation policy below.

The rental period for the items is 24 hours for one event, and late charges will apply on a per-day basis for rental items not returned on the date specified in the invoice, at a daily rental rate for the applicable rental items.

Should the client wish to cancel the rental of some items or make substitutions for certain rental items, in no event shall the total rental fees fall below

the 50% deposit. There shall be no cancellation and/or refund of any rental items once they have been loaded for delivery.

Delivery and pickup will occur as specified in Client's invoice, and are subject to the venue rules and regulations. Specific delivery and pickup times must be finalized no later than 7 days prior to the event. The delivery fee indicated on the attached invoice is based upon those rental items and delivery/pickup locations included in invoice; adding or changing rental items or locations may increase the delivery fee. The setup and strike

schedule must allow sufficient time for the delivery and pickup of rental items. If the inventory is not ready for pickup at the scheduled pick-up time, a "wait fee" will be added to cover the cost of our crew. Clients are subject to additional delivery fees based on their venue or event location.

Client understands that rental pieces are one-of-a-kind. If "The Backdrop Shop" decides prior to the event that item(s) is no longer in rentable condition or if item did not return from a previous event in good rentable condition, the client can select a substitute for comparable item(s) at equal value. All rental items are examined by "The Backdrop Shop" prior to release to Client and delivered in *as is* condition,

Renter shall be responsible for scraping and rinsing food-related items off rental pieces (such as plates, serving dishes, cake plates, tables, buffets) of all food debris following the event, prior to collecting, moving, boxing or repackaging the rental Items. Flatware and chargers must be reasonably rinsed, free of any food/ debris. Customers who fail to do this will be charged $0.25 cents per piece or $0.50 per charger/plate. Chargers and plates rent in sets of 5. 

If any candle wax is on rental Items, there will be a Candle Wax Labor Fee for removal of $200.00. This is to be charged to the card on file after the event. If candle wax causes damage to rental Items, this will result in a charge of 3x the rental fee for replacement. As set forth below, a 11% nonrefundable cleaning and maintenance fee ("Cleaning and Maintenance") will be charged on all rental items. This fee covers normal, reasonable wear and tear that may occur on any rented pieces ("Normal Wear"). In the event normal wear occurs on any rental pieces the Client will not be charged any additional amounts above the Cleaning and Maintenance Fee. The Cleaning and Maintenance Fee does not apply to damage to rental pieces occurring due to negligence or willful misconduct, or to loss of any rental items ("Substantial Damage"). In the event of Substantial Damage to any rented pieces, the actual repair or replacement cost will be charged to the Client within 10 business days of the event date and/or when the rented pieces are returned to The Backdrop Shop. The Backdrop Shop reserves the right to charge these costs to the credit card on file.

When signing the contract by e-signature, the client must put a card on file (card will be charged if any negligence occurs to rental items). When paying with credit card, orders over $1,000 will incur a 3% credit card processing fee.

To the fullest extent of the law, the Client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless "The Backdrop Shop," its Board of Trustees, officers, agents and employees, volunteers, individually and collectively, from and against all costs, losses, claims, demands, suits, actions, payments and judgments, including legal and attorney fees, arising from personal or bodily injuries, property damage or otherwise, however caused, brought or recovered against any of the above that may arise for any reason from or during or be alleged to be caused by the Client's rental of equipment from "The Backdrop Shop.”

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